I was moving out and I asked Team Clean Supreme to clean the place for an upcoming inspection. That was done very well and the inspection went well. They were friendly, on-time, and efficient. I was happy that they got the job done as I requested.

Amy.B Sales Executive

Thanks team clean supreme for a very professional cleaning you completed for a gift to my parents. My mom and dad was very impressed.

Jachera .B College Student

My experience with Team Clean Supreme was amazing! Great customer service, great work ethic, got everything done in a timely manner, and some of the most helpful people I have had in my home! I highly recommend their services to anyone.

Jeremy.R Business Owner

Team Clean Supreme Definitely lives up to there name %110 percent Excellent Work.... keep up the good work

Jessie J Digital Sales Manager

I recommend Team Clean Supreme for excellent work, and fair pricing. I contacted Molly Maids for an estimate that took 2 days to get an answer and exorbitant pricing to clean a 750 sq. ft.1 Bd apartment.

Mary.H Office Manager

The two gals who came to clean were wonderful. They did a wonderful job. They were efficient and polite. I was comfortable with them in my home. They also were very personable and I would have them clean again. Please let them know that I was very happy with the service.

Mary.R Retired

Team Clean Supreme has been cleaning my house for about 3 times per week for a year now. Overall they do the job quickly and professionally. Their price is fair, and I trust them. I recommend them to any one look for a fine team of cleaners.

Polina.B School Teacher

The two ladies who came were professional and were willing to go above and beyond. They are quality employees

Sandra.B Retired

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